Our low-cost (some are free!) after school programs and one-week summer camps explore topics in greater detail than our one-day workshops. We hold co-ed or girls only camps. After school programs meet once a week for 1-2 hours. Summer camps meet daily for 3-4 hours. Snacks are provided for summer camps only.

build a mobile app (beginner)

After an introduction to mobile app development and careers, students use Google App Inventor to build an android mobile application.

build a computer (beginner)

Students will dissemble and reassemble a computer, then build, program and install software on a Raspberry Pi mini-computer system.

build a website (beginner)

Students learn about web design careers and the website creation process, and how to design and build their own website using Weebly.

learn to code (advanced)

Students learn Python programming language and complete a variety of programming assignments and a special project.

build a mobile app (advanced)

Students learn to use Android Studio software to design and build a custom mobile application.

build a website (advanced)

Students learn HTML and CSS to design and build a custom, responsive website.